Rodents Information

How do you know if you have the following rodent problems:

Rats and Mice
-You may notice gnawing of materials including anything in storage in out buildings.
-This gnawing is the rat or mouse shredding materials to make their nest; they will use anything from cardboard to soft furnishings but also electrical wiring too.
-Small droppings in and around the property.
-An unpleasant smell of 'urine'.

You must seek professional help quickly as they multiply quickly and spread diseases.

Squirrels are part of the rodent family hence, they chew to keep their teeth worn down. This means they will chew and gnaw at almost anything - plastic, pipes, vents, wires, wood and much more.

Just like mice and rats, you must seek professional help quickly as they carry diseases and can destroy furniture and wiring, costing much more money in the long run for repairs of damages.

Foxes are pests that thrive off left of rubbish in bins. Rubbish should be kept in bins until the day of collection as much as possible; this denies foxes a food source and so they will scavenge elsewhere.

However, you will need to secure lids with bungee cords or something similar. If you feed the birds, do not overload the bird table or leave any other kind of food out.

Make sure that your bins are not left in easily located areas for foxes to reach.

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